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Our School

At Destiny Leadership Academy, we believe that each and every child is capable of high levels of learning. We are committed to academic excellence by providing K-5th grade education with Christian principles and character-building strategies. 

Students are provided a high-quality, ability-based learning environment that links student achievement to school and classroom practices, and allows teachers to connect with students more effectively by understanding your child’s specific academic and developmental needs. Being an ability-based school provides an enriched learning environment consistent in helping your student achieve academic excellence.

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About Our School
Mission & Vision


Our mission is to empower children to build a foundation of excellence that will propel them into lifelong learning success.

Destiny Leadership Academy is a school founded and sustained on Christian values. We welcome students who come from any religious, racial, social, or ethnic group.


As our students grow to appreciate their value to themselves and to the school community, they will leave Destiny Leadership Academy with valuable tools for effective learning and living.



To deliver the highest quality education in the most positive and passionate environment.

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