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Welcome to Destiny Leadership Academy. With an advanced curriculum that reflects the joy and peace of Christian values, we are deeply committed to fostering an environment in which every child can learn and succeed. A balance of loving care and academic encouragement is our goal here at Destiny. Welcome to our family.

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Student enrollment Application

Parents are to complete and submit our online application linked below.

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Parents are to complete and submit all forms and return them by email or bring them to the front office.

Enrollment Forms

Frequently asked

  • What grade levels will the school serve?
    Kindergarten thru 5th grade.
  • What time does school open each day and what time do the students get out?
    8:30 a.m. The official time for classes to start 2:30 p.m. The official time for classes to end
  • What courses will be offered?
    Reading/Language Arts History/Social Studies Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Physics Chapel Christian/Social Ethics Art P.E./Health
  • Is there a book fee? If so, what is it?"
    Books are included in tuition. Each student will receive a set of books when school starts. The curriculum we use is Abeka.
  • What is the classroom size?
    The goal is to maintain a 10:1 (or less) student/teacher ratio.
  • What is the registration fee?
    $100.00 per student. This can be paid in monthly installments of $10 per student with the 1st payment due August 10th.
  • Will uniforms be required?
    Yes. See hand-book: School Dress Code. It is imperative for your student to have at least one DLA embroidered shirt for use on field trips.
  • Will the schools provide breakfast/lunch or how is the lunch program set up?
    NO. Students should bring their lunch boxes; healthy food/snack choices. Nothing that requires warming.
  • What measures will be taken to address safety during the coronavirus?
    Students must wear masks on the van ride to/from school. Any student with a temperature above normal will be required to be taken home. That student will be masked and isolated in the library until the parent arrives for pickup. Additional hand sanitizing stations are being added throughout the school. Students and staff will be required to clean their hands throughout the school day. School equipment, desks and playground equipment will be cleaned daily. If a student or staff member exhibits symptoms of coronavirus, they will be required to be tested and to produce results of testing before returning to school. We will notify parents of all students who may have had contact with this student or parent. We will then follow the Marion County Health Department guidelines for quarantine.
  • What are the expectations if I choose virtual learning for my child/children?
    Each child must have his/her own device for accessing the teacher for real time Zoom classroom. You must have a good internet connection to avoid disruptions. You must be able to download the Zoom application and log in on time for school. (We suggest logging in a few minutes before school starts each day to ensure timeliness.) Your child must attend and participate actively in classroom discussion and activities from home. Your child must be dressed for school and behaviors must align with school rules. (For example, the child will not be allowed to eat during class, access other websites or gaming during class, have interruptions that would not otherwise occur in the school setting.) Your child must be visible on his/her device throughout each class period and ask the teacher’s permission for bathroom breaks as he/she would if in class. An adult must be present to assist in monitoring the child’s attendance, participation/performance and behavior. Tardies and absences will be recorded as with the traditional school setting. *NOTE: Chromebooks are available for checkout, if you do not have your own devices. You will be required to sign an agreement accepting responsibility for the safety of your child’s Chromebook. You will also be given a set of books for each child, for which you are responsible.
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